Placed 5th with the highest number of ratings in the 72 hour Mini Jam 45: Dungeons in 36 hours (Friday real-lifed me!)

Play as a Pocket Goblin hired by an Barbarian to help in his frustrating item management. Sort and rotate his loot in his bag to obtain the highest value by the end! Smart placement and knowing when to skip items is key to a high score.

Comment with your high score, and thanks for playing!

This was our first Game Jam and I had a whole lot of fun with it. There were a lot of ideas that didn't make it to the game due to the short time frame given. Very happy with what did end up making it in.

Some bugs may exist. Expect further development down the road. It was a lot of fun making this and juggling real life at the same time! The rush was real 😅.

The results are in! Very happy to have made it to an overall placing of 5th place with the highest number of ratings of all the games in this jam.

All art assets made during the Game Jam. 

All code is open source and available here.

Developed by: staticnull

Art by: danikdraws

Development log


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Hey, this is cool man. Wish I had a pocket goblin irl to sort all my shit

oh yeah, oh yeah.


Tried it a few times so it seems you just put random items in a bag lols! The RNG for items to pick is quite something as it seems when you put the item in the bag you can't remove or trade an item lols :)